Tips That Will Help You Deal With A Legal Battle Associated With Driving Under The Influence

If you drank a couple alcoholic beverages while at a class reunion and were pulled over by a police officer while driving home and were arrested and charged with driving under the influence, the prospect of losing your driver's license and facing public shame may be weighing on your mind. The following tips will help you deal with the legal battle that you are facing and overcome the misfortune that you caused for yourself.

Confide In An Attorney And Allow Them To Guide You

Seek legal advice by contacting a bar association or a legal aid agency in your town. Before meeting with an attorney, jot down details leading up to being apprehended by a police officer and any run-ins with the law that you have experienced in the past. When you arrive at your attoney's office for a meeting, try to remain composed while you provide them with a description of the arrest and listen intently as they state information that can assist with reducing a charge or having the charge dismissed.

After the meeting, stay on your best behavior and avoid going to events where alcohol will be served. Attempt to follow your normal routine and stay in contact with your attorney on a consistent basis. 

Sign Up For An Alcohol Offender Course And Attend Meetings

Contact your local community center to inquire about alcohol offender courses that are offered. During a court appearance,  you may be ordered to sign up for a course, but it won't hurt to sign up for one beforehand and may demonstrate to a judge that you are serious about correcting the problem that you recently caused. Take notes during alcohol classes and try to envision how the date that you drank and chose to drive could have been catastrophic if you caused a serious accident or harmed yourself while driving.

Attend alcoholics anonymous meetings to interact with people who have chosen to stop drinking alcohol in hopes of bettering their lives. After making friends with members who attend meetings, ask some of them if they would like to spend time with you while participating in recreational activities that do not involve drinking alcohol.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions And Seek A Provisional License

Prepare a speech that you will give the judge on the day of your court hearing. The speech can include information about how you are sorry for the trouble you have caused and details about the positive changes you have made in your life. If your attorney has advised you not to speak during your hearing, a handwritten letter that describes your remorse and intent to change your ways can be handed to the judge.

Inquire about obtaining a provisional license if your standard license is going to be suspended for a while. A provisional license will grant you the opportunity to drive back and forth to work and will prohibit you from losing your job.