Three Reasons To Hire An Attorney Before Even Filing For Disability

Legally, you do not need the help of a lawyer in order to file for disability. You just need to fill out the paperwork and submit it. However, while hiring a lawyer is not required, it is suggested. Rather than just file and hope nothing goes wrong, you are better off consulting with a lawyer before you submit anything at all. Here are three reasons why.

You're more likely to have your claim approved.

Many disability claims are denied the first time. Most people, if they are truly qualified for disability, can reapply and have their application approved. However, this process takes a long time -- you have to wait for two rounds of applications to be processed! When you hire a lawyer before you even file, there is a greater chance that your application will be approved the first time. There are a few reasons for this. First, if an application comes mailed from a lawyer's office, the disability board may be less likely to over-scrutinize it. Second, you're less likely to miss something or fill something out incorrectly when you have a lawyer's guidance.

You''ll spend less time filling out the paperwork.

Filling out disability paperwork can be more complicated and time-consuming than you would hope. In addition to filling out the paperwork, you will probably have to obtain some records and documents from your doctor, employer, and other individuals who are involved in your case. This can all take a lot of time. If you hire a lawyer, however, they will do a lot of this work for you. Then, you have more time to focus on treating your injury and recovering.

If you are not approved, your lawyer will be better prepared to help.

Many people apply for disability on their own the first time, and then if they are denied, hire a lawyer at that point. The problem with this strategy is that by the time the rejection comes, you may have forgotten some details -- and your lawyer won't have the most accurate portrayal of the situation. If your lawyer helps you from the get-go, they will be more familiar with your case. If you are rejected, your lawyer will be better prepared to send in a rebuttal and reapplication. 

Before you start filling out your application for disability, get in touch with an attorney. With their help, you will have an easier time accomplishing this trying task.