Committing A DUI Offense With Injuries Involved

Causing an injury collision while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most serious offenses to commit as a driver. The crime is even more offensive when it results in the death of someone in the other vehicle or a pedestrian. If you have never gotten into legal trouble in your life and suddenly ended up in such a situation after consuming alcohol, promptly hire an attorney to help. Just because you committed the crime, it doesn't mean that there isn't more to the situation than what it seems, as you could have been drugged. This article explains how an attorney who has experience with helping people with DUI offenses can get you through your legal situation.

Determine if Foul Play Was Involved

How many alcoholic beverages did you consume before getting in your vehicle to drive? Were other people nearby while you were drinking? Did you ever leave your drink briefly sitting at the bar or on a table? These questions are important and might be asked by a DUI attorney during your consultation. The reason why is because your answers will give the attorney a general idea of whether or not there is a chance that you caused the accident because your drink was spiked with drugs without your knowledge.

Compile a List of Your Past Offenses

Past criminal offenses that you have committed will be considered when your case is heard in court. The offenses can make the difference in regards to whether you are sentenced to the maximum extent allowed for the crime or not. An attorney will investigate your criminal history and will compile a list of your offenses, such as if any of them are serious. The list will help them determine the kind of plea deal to present in court that the judge is likely to accept. If you don't have a criminal past, the attorney will be able to get you the most minimum sentence easier.

Explain Your Situation to a Judge

Representing yourself in court is possible, but it isn't a wise decision to make for a serious crime like a DUI that resulted in an injury collision. An attorney can speak in a more professional manner and avoid saying things that might make the situation worse. An attorney will also know how to refrain from speaking when the judge says so, which is something that you might not be able to do when caught in the heat of the moment.

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