A Divorce Attorney’s Success Rate: How It Is Measured And Why It Should Matter To You

All lawyers have a "success rate." It is the standard by which they are measured and it represents their ability to win cases. Regardless of your situation, you want a lawyer who has a really high success rate. However, in terms of a divorce attorney, that success rate is measured quite a bit differently from other lawyers. 

Not in Terms of Completed Divorces

Divorce lawyers will always succeed in helping you get a divorce. There is zero failure rate in obtaining a divorce when you really want one. So, the success rate for these lawyers is measured in a very different way.

Their success is based on how well they can help you get everything you want in your divorce settlement. For example, if you want the kids, the house, the newer family car, the alimony, and the child support, and the lawyer you hire is able to get his/her clients everything they want from the divorce eighty percent of the time, it means you have a very high chance of getting everything you want. It also means that you could be part of the twenty percent of this lawyer's cases that do not get everything you want from the divorce. 

Checking the Success Rate of Divorce Lawyers

Because they are measured differently in terms of success, it is difficult to find the information you want, especially when you want to be absolutely certain you get everything you want from the divorce. Sometimes you can ask the lawyer; he or she may keep track of such things for their own knowledge and self-promotion. The rest of the time, you may have to ask other people you know who have used the services of the lawyer you have hired. 

Why the Success Rate Should Matter to You

Nobody likes to hire a professional hit man only to find out that his aim is so-so. Similarly, you would not want to hire a lawyer for your divorce proceedings if that lawyer cannot help you get everything you want in the divorce settlement. You may have to compromise on one or two things, but if the lawyer can ultimately get you everything else, that is considered a very successful divorce negotiation. If you find and hire one of the best divorce lawyers who has an excellent track record of getting his/her clients almost everything the clients want in and out of the divorce, you come out in the end very satisfied with how things turned out. 

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