Things To Know Before Seeking Justice After A Faulty Medical Device Caused The Death Of Your Relative

Most modern medical devices have advanced features that make treatment safer, less intrusive, and more effective. This equipment can alleviate suffering, improve quality of life and even save the lives of critically ill patients. However, some devices can also cause patients serious injury or even fatalities. If your relative dies because of complications caused by a faulty medical device, you may have the right to sue the wrongdoers. Therefore, consult a civil defense attorney for guidance on how to help you seek justice. They will want you to know the following facts before filing a lawsuit:

You Can Sue Several Parties

You have the right to sue several parties in such cases, depending on the defect that caused your relative's demise. These may include the device's designer if the fault is traced back to the design process. You can also sue the device manufacturer if the flaw is because of a problem at the manufacturing stage. This party may also be liable for your relative's death if, after distribution, they became aware that the device could cause harm and yet failed to warn doctors and consumers.

However, determining at what stage the device became faulty and who the offenders are can be challenging. Therefore, you should hire a civil defense attorney to investigate the case and determine what caused the defect. They will gather the evidence needed to prove your claim. This may include witness statements indicating that the manufacturer knew about the defect but failed to issue a recall. Your legal representative can also present evidence showing that the manufacturing company didn't provide instructions on using the device as required. These measures aim to establish which parties were at fault and were, therefore, responsible for your relative's death.

Your Family Can Receive Certain Payments

The main reasons for filing suit are to hold the wrongdoers accountable for their actions and compel them to compensate your family. To this end, it is prudent that you hire a lawyer to file a strong claim against the offenders in order to help you get justice and favorable compensation. A successful claim will enable you to get payments to cover the money you spent on your relative's treatment and funeral arrangements. You may also get compensation for the loss of companionship and the mental suffering you undergo because of your relative's demise.

A wrongful death attorney from a reputable civil defense law firm can provide assistance when pursuing justice for your relative's death caused by faulty medical equipment. They gather evidence, file lawsuits against the at-fault parties, and represent you throughout your case to help ensure that you get justice.