Three Services That A Child Support Lawyer Can Offer An Unwed Mother

If you are a mother and are trying to get support from the father of your child, there are several benefits to hiring an attorney. There are many services available that can help you receive the child support needed so that your child can have a better life.

They can assist in establishing paternity

The first step in child support is to establish paternity for your child. The man you believe is the father will be named in a paternity suit. Your lawyer will draw up the papers, and they will be served. A court-ordered blood test will be performed, and DNA will determine whether he is the father of your child. In most jurisdictions, at the same time the man is determined to be the father, child support will also be calculated based on the man's income. This is done using an established formula.

They can help to garnish the father's wages

Wage garnishment can occur when the father isn't paying child support. Your attorney petitions the court and asks for the wages of the wager to be garnished. This means that money will be taken out of the father's paycheck and sent to the courts. The money is then transferred to the mother. This is why it's important to establish child support through the courts. Since a court order for child support has already been established, wage garnishment is simply the next step. The father will have an opportunity to appear in court and explain why he hasn't paid monetary support. However, wage garnishment is often ordered. If the father has failed to appear in court, a default judgment will be made.

They can assist in finding your child's father

Many fathers think that they can flee the jurisdiction of their city, county, or state, therefore, escaping paternity or even child support, but they can be tracked down and served with papers. Though you may not know where the father is, an attorney has experience and resources at finding people after they skip town. Often, tracing their whereabouts is not the specific work of an attorney, but work done by those engaged in this specific type of work. Similar to that of locating people for debt collection. Even if the father is currently incarcerated in a state prison or county jail, they can be found.

Child support lawyers provide important services to unwed mothers. Through the courts, established the paternity of your child and determine the amount of child support for your baby. If the father is not paying his court-ordered child support, his wages can be garnished. If the father has disappeared, an attorney can help to locate him, establish paternity or have his wages garnished. 

For more information, contact a local child support lawyer