3 Key Advantages Of Hiring An Attorney When Facing A Criminal Charge

There may come a point in time when you end up on the wrong side of the law with a criminal charge. Instead of tackling this charge alone and possibly doing hard time, it's best to work with a criminal defense lawyer. They'll walk you through this legal process and provide many helpful services along the way.  Assess the Strength of Your Defense Before a criminal defense attorney dives head-first into your case and starts putting together a defense, they'll assess the overall strength of your case. Read More 

Ways That You Could Commit Perjury In A Child Support Hearing

Most people know that lying is a bad idea, especially when it occurs in a court of law. As such, you'd likely make a point of telling the truth if you were ever involved in a legal issue. This plan can quickly evaporate, however, if you were to be in a child support hearing after a divorce. Such hearing can be heated, and given that a lot of money can be on the line, it can be easy to misrepresent yourself with the goal of protecting your financial interests. Read More 

A Divorce Attorney’s Success Rate: How It Is Measured And Why It Should Matter To You

All lawyers have a "success rate." It is the standard by which they are measured and it represents their ability to win cases. Regardless of your situation, you want a lawyer who has a really high success rate. However, in terms of a divorce attorney, that success rate is measured quite a bit differently from other lawyers.  Not in Terms of Completed Divorces Divorce lawyers will always succeed in helping you get a divorce. Read More 

Getting Creative with the Family Home During Divorce Negotiations

Traditionally, divorcing couples had only a few choices when it came to dealing with the family home during a divorce. Often, one party bought out the other (using money or concessions) or the home was sold and any profits divided between the two. Nowadays, the price of real estate and rising interest rates on mortgages have some people getting creative with their housing issues during divorce. Read on to learn more. Read More 

Handle A Truck Accident That Took Place When You Were Checking Under Your Vehicle’s Hood

You thought you were being careful when you veered to the side of the road to check your truck's engine, since smoke was spewing out from the hood. You even turned your emergency flashers on to alert other motorists to your location. Unfortunately, these measures were not effective if your truck was struck by another driver. Now what do you do, especially since the other driver is threatening a lawsuit and your boss is on the verge of firing you? Read More