Understanding When Suing An At-Fault Driver Is Reasonable

An auto accident lawyer's usual approach to obtaining compensation for clients is to negotiate with the insurance company. That typically is a successful strategy. If an insurer continues to be uncooperative, the attorney might file a lawsuit against the company. A less frequent but potential tactic is to sue the person who caused the accident. This sometimes is an option if the policy's maximum is too low to cover all the expenses. Read More 

A Guide On The Work Of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Work-related injury may qualify you for compensation benefits. Such liabilities include work accidents leading to physical, emotional, and financial loss. Given the complexity of the legal process, it is advisable to retain a worker's compensation attorney. The attorney has the expertise and experience to counsel and represent you through the claims procedure. Below are key insights on the services and benefits of a worker's comp attorney. Who is a Worker's Compensation attorney? Read More 

Seeking Compensation for an Injury Caused by a Defective House

Your home is supposed to be a place where you feel safe. However, if your home is not constructed in the proper manner, it might contain defects that might lead to personal injuries if you're not careful. If you are injured as a result, there are several parties who could be responsible for your injuries and you may be entitled to compensation. Determining Who Is at Fault The defect could be the result of a design defect, or it could be the result of a mistake made during the construction of the building. Read More 

How The Termination Of Parental Rights Works

Terminating the rights of a biological parent is considered a big deal in the American system of family law. Whether you're petitioning the court to terminate someone's rights, asking on your behalf, or trying to prevent it, there are three things you need to know. Who Can Petition for Termination? One of the two biological parents can file for the other one's rights to be terminated. Similarly, guardians and close family members also have standing. Read More 

Have An Employment Attorney Negotiate The Terms Of Your Voluntary Dismissal

When a company is going through a period of financial struggles, it will often introduce what is known as a voluntary dismissal program. In doing so, the company is giving employees the opportunity to essentially resign from their position in exchange for what is often a favorable severance-style package. In many cases, voluntary dismissal opportunities will come before the company performs a round of layoffs. If you're interested in voluntary dismissal, but aren't fully keen on the terms that are offered, you might wish to hire an employment attorney. Read More