What Your Attorney Will Look For In Potential Jurors

If you have a jury trial coming up, you're probably curious about how the jurors will be chosen. Technically, they're not chosen but rather eliminated, and it will all come down to who's left at the end. During voir dire, your attorney will examine behavior, traits, and other characteristics that indicate whether someone seems biased towards the other party. Here are the six main things they examine. Relationships Jurors who have careers in or relationships with people in law enforcement are often eliminated from the pool. Read More 

When a Defendant Tries to Avoid Paying a Judgment, What Are Legal Means to Force the Issue?

Going through a personal injury lawsuit is often difficult enough, especially if the defendant refuses to make a reasonable settlement and insists on taking the case all the way through a trial. Once you've won your lawsuit, collecting the judgment should be easier—except some defendants seem willing to do just about anything to avoid paying. If you're having trouble collecting a personal injury judgment, you aren't alone. Here's what you should know about the types of tricks some defendants will use and what can be done to stop them. Read More 

3 Ways That Environmental Law May Impact Your Small Business

If you run a small business, you still have to follow the environmental laws set out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as well as your state. Being small doesn't exclude you from these rules. Here are three areas of environmental law that may impact your small business. #1 Air Pollution One area of the environment that is very well regulated is air pollution. Air pollution regulations do not just apply to factories with large smoke stacks; they could apply to your small business as well. Read More 

4 Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident, proving that you were not at fault for the situation can prove difficult if the other party involved is denying their fault in the matter. At this point, you should definitely hire a car accident attorney, especially for these four specific reasons: Look for Mistakes on the Police Report: If there are any mistakes on the police report, it can be dismissed in court, which is good if the police report does not do anything to back your claim that you were not at fault. Read More 

Could Unnecessary Dental Procedures And Sedation Putting Your Child At Risk Of Injury Or Death?

Could your child be put at risk by unnecessary dental procedures and the use of anesthesia in the hands of someone who is more interested in profits than patient care? This is what you should know in order to protect your child. What is causing alarm among pediatric dentists and parents alike? Do you feel safe entrusting your child's safety and very life to someone whose only experience with oral sedatives and dental sedation is a weekend course? Read More